C64 La Boca - 2013

Hoffentlich bekomme ich durch die Veröffentlichung dieser Hobbyprojektdokumentation keine Copyright-Problemchen...


So muss man sich das Originalspiel vorstellen:



Herstellerhomepage mit dem Original:







The complete Retro setup with real C64 hardware



Main Play Menu on the CRT





Main Menu


Play Result Table


XA1541 Floppy Adapter


Star Commander


The Mega Cable capable of connecting to real C64 Userport and USB from VICE-Emulator as well


Details of the mechanical construction of the Panel Pack




The Long Way the Panels went from Texas to Germany






The Host Application Development Environment of the Panels


Structure of the Communication Data Frames from C64 to the Panels



Keyboard modification for Play Card Set "digitizing" process


That is what the data looks like in the text file


First Try to get the Card Data into the C64 Basic World












Paper Housing


Splash Screen on the Panel










First RS232 Communication and Color Tests


Interpretation of received RS232 Data Frames und visualisation by colored XXXX'es


First tests of the 4DGL box-paint command



Das Gesamtkonzept (die rosafarbenen Teile sind die, die man als Spieler dann real zu sehen bekommt)